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For Educators: Integrating Cutting-Edge Ocean Science into the Classroom

 teacher in the field
A high school science teacher collects data in the field as part of the Scientist Educator Partnership program.
A high school science teacher collects data in the field as part of the Scientist Educator Partnership program.]]COSEE Coastal Trends offers a number of ForEducators and resources which connect teachers with research scientists and help bring the knowledge gained through ocean science research into the classroom.

Teacher Summer Research Experiences

Our Scientist-Educator Partnership program establishes teams (consisting of a research scientist, a middle or high school science teacher, a graduate student, and an underrepresented undergraduate student) which conduct summer research and collaborate to create ocean science education resources based on the research. Teachers participating in the Scientist-Educator Partnership program gain ocean science content knowledge and a greater understanding of the scientific research process. They also share their expertise in communicating complex scientific concepts to non-science audiences. More...

Workshops for Educators

teacher in the field 
Teachers collect water quality data during the Coastal Trends Workshop.
Our “Teaching Ocean Science” workshop focuses on sharing with teachers a high school level ocean science course curriculum, which was developed by a team of experienced scientists and educators. The curriculum is activities-based and is aligned with the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles. Through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and presentations, teachers learn new ideas to bring ocean science alive in the classroom.

Our "Coastal Trends Workshop" focuses on expanding ocean science content knowledge and utilizing web-based resources to teach about coastal trends in the classroom. Teachers will explore select coastal ocean science topics through hands-on activities and field experiences as well as learn about lesson plans and other resources based on current scientific research. More...

Classroom Resources

classroom activity 
This seagrass activity is one of many classroom experiments available in our Education Modules.
Check out our Education Modules website for information on several coastal ocean science themes (such as seagrass and dead zones) as well as lesson plans created by teachers participating in the Scientist Educator Partnership to go along with each theme. Each module is scientifically accurate and reviewed by a panel of teachers. In addition, lesson plans are aligned with the National Science Education Standards to allow for easy integration into any science curriculum.