Center For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence COSEE Coastal Trends
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COSEE Coastal Trends offers two separate Science Communication courses for Scientist-Educator Partnership team members. Through an existing partnership between Hampton University and VA Aquarium, Hampton undergraduate students take the undergraduate level course, Communicating Ocean Science for Informal Audiences (COSIA), during the spring semester prior to the Fellowship program. The course addresses three critical needs: 1) helping scientists to communicate more effectively their subject and research to the public; 2) steering some science majors into science education professions; and 3) creating a greater awareness among scientists and future scientists about the need for educational outreach. The students, through lecture, discussion and hands on demonstrations gain the skills required to promote ocean science to the general public and to the students in the Mentoring Young Scientists program at the Virginia Aquarium.

Also, in late April, graduate students from the Scientist Educator team are offered the Science Communication and Integrated Assessment Course through the Univeristy of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Integration and Application Network. This three-day, intensive, hands-on course focuses on the use of effective graphics and current approaches for identifying and explaining key messages. Students develop background knowledge of principles of effective science integration and communication and become familiar with computer software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Powerpoint) that will allow the production of high quality graphics to facilitate broad-based communication. Participants learn how to produce a conceptual diagram, generate science newsletters and posters, and design their own web site, all which will enhance the student’s effectiveness in communication. As part of the course, students produce a science newsletter based on their assigned coastal trends theme.

COSIA courseScience communication course
Hampton University undergraduates participate in the COSIA courseScientist Educator Partnership team member and University of Virginia graduate student Laura Reynolds participates in a Science Communication Course