Center For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence COSEE Coastal Trends
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A major environmental challenge for our generation is to comprehend and ultimately manage the myriad of changes occurring in the coastal ocean. Understanding how climatic and anthropogenic factors drive these coastal trends requires basic science literacy. The goal of Coastal Trends, part of the Centers For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) network, is to increase literacy in ocean science with a focus on understanding dynamic coastal trends through partnerships among scientists, educators, students, and the general public.

One way that COSEE Coastal Trends works to increase ocean literacy is through scientist/educator interactions. Over the course of a summer, scientist-educator teams consisting of a scientist, a teacher, an undergraduate student, and a graduate student work together closely to conduct research on a coastal trend. Then, combining knowledge gained from the research experience and the expertise of the educator and scientist, the teams develop unique high-quality educational materials that address National Science Education Standards and Ocean Literacy Essential Principles. The final product is a media rich web-based resource, which can be accessed through the home page of this website.

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COSEE Coastal Trends also offers professional development opportunities for educators through week-long institutes consisting of an integrated set of activities which address the Ocean Literacy Principles. The goal of these institutes is to reach a broad audience and to use the “train the trainer” model for multiplicative dissemination.

In addition to creating resources for teachers and the classroom, Coastal Trends also endeavors to disseminate understanding of ocean sciences to the general public. Our public programs and activities work with students and families of a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.